NAB 2015 Lighting & Batteries Preview

LAS VEGASThe advantages of LED lighting fixtures have brought almost all of the lighting equipment makers to exhibit LED products. Many of the announcements this year are about higher color rendering indexes and even more lighting power from the same form-factor fixtures.

AADYN TECHNOLOGY will premier its Hurricane Jr, a lightweight, powerful addition to the company’s weatherproof JAB Hurricane fixture. Both the Hurricane Jr. fixture and its power supply are IP65 (weatherproof) rated, and will operate internationally on AC power as well as DC battery power. It is DMX controllable.

ARRI LED L-Series Fresnel fixturesARRI will enlarge its LED L-Series Fresnel fixture family with the L10, which joins ARRI’s L5 and L7 Fresnels to provide a full line of high-performance LED Fresnels to the film, broadcast, theater and live entertainment markets. The L10 is ARRI’s brightest and largest L-Series lamphead to date, providing a powerful output to allow for more distant fixture placement and the wrapping of light around objects in a natural and pleasing way.

BBS LIGHTING will introduce the LED Flyer all-in-one boom light kit, made to satisfy the diverse demands of video, cine and news production. BBS will also showcase its Area 48 Remote Phosphor LED Soft Light, which uses interchangeable remote phosphor-coated panels which separate the color rendering phosphors from the LED bulbs for improved color rendering, consistency, softer output, and elimination of cooling fans. The company’s Force V Vero LED light engine provides an LED upgrade for existing conventional Ellipsoidal spots.

BRIGHTLINE/LUPOLUX will demonstrate its range of fluorescent and LED fixtures. The Brightline SeriesONE product line is available in sizes for 1, 2 or 4 fluorescent lamps, utilizing advanced phosphor lamp formulations, in tungsten or daylight color balance with a variety of dimming control options, including phase, DMX, and DALI, with linear dimming to 3 percent. Lupolux Fresnels will be shown with two new-generation options: True Color Bridgelux LEDs and Quantum Dot Tuned LEDs. Both are available in 3200K or 5600K color balance.

Cineo MatchboxCINEO LIGHTING will debut its Cineo Matchbox, portable Remote Phosphor lighting for motion picture and television production. At 3.25x5.25x1.5 inches and weighing just 15 ounces, the Matchbox outputs a stunning amount of high-quality light at a variety of interchangeable color temperatures. Also in the Cineo booth will be the Cineo Maverick, which provides all of the benefits of Remote Phosphor technology found in Cineo’s larger fixtures while better meeting the demands of field use. And finally, Cineo will showcase the Cineo Matchstix, a series of small, versatile Remote Phosphor light sources available in a variety of accurate color temperatures.

FLUOTEC SA DE CV will premiere a pair of LED Fresnel fixtures: the Vegalux StudioLED Fresnel 7-inch and the Auralux StudioLED Fresnel 5.5-inch. Both fixtures feature Nebula Diffusion Chamber Technology with focusing Schott glass and silent operation for television studios, motion picture cinema, video and photography.

FREZZI will introduce its high-output ultra-portable and weatherproof LED Sky- Light, now almost 20 percent brighter with a CRI over 90, without harmful UV emissions.

K5600 800W ZoomK5600 will follow the same concept as its 1600W Zoom Beamer with the facetted open-face style reflector. The new 800W Zoom Beamer is manually focusable to 15-55 degrees of smooth and even light.

KINO FLO will debut the new Diva-Lite 415 Universal EFP softlight. The Diva-Lite 415 displays color variable 3200K and 5500K True Match light, lamp dimming and switching, 360 degree control mounting, 60 degree focusing honeycomb louver, barn doors and new Kino Power Saver electronics.

Litepanels Caliber 3-Light KitLITEPANELS will introduce the Caliber 3-Light Kit, designed for webcasting, blogging and professional content creators. The Caliber is a true Fresnel fixture with wide focus range that can be powered via AC or with AA batteries. Litepanels will also show an expanded ASTRA line of LED panels to offer a variety of intensity levels and price points.

LOWEL-LIGHT will debut its Lowel PRO Power LED, designed for run-and-gun location lighting. Its powerful output and wide focus range Fresnel lens allows lighting over long distances. The Lowel PRO is available with a wide variety of mounting and light control accessories, as well as kit combinations. Lowel will also feature its Prime Location LED BiColor, a rugged fixture with sturdy all metal construction, and an IP-65 weather rating. It touts a powerful, high CRI bicolor, daylight to tungsten color output.

MSE Vator IIIMATTHEWS STUDIO EQUIPMENT will introduce the VATOR III heavy duty lighting stands, available in six different models from a single riser LoBoy, through the CRANK and SUPER CRANKS, all the way to the new MEGA Vator offering a 15- foot height and 200-pound capacity.

PAG will showcase its Paglight LED camera top-light, which has a daylight-balanced output equivalent to 50W tungsten. Power consumption is a mere 11W.

PHOTON BEARD will debut its new PhotonBeam 80, the company’s first fixture to utilize a powerful remote phosphor LED source. It has a high CRI above 90, and can be battery powered or run off AC via its universal PSU for 90-260V mains power. Gold Mount and V-Lock adaptors are available.

Videssence Vidfill LED Soft Light

Zylight NewzVIDESSENCE will premier its Vidfill LED Soft Light, a 100W LED soft light designed to outperform quartz fixtures. It produces light levels that compare with 1000W quartz soft lights while using only 103W. The Vidfill LED Soft Light is offered in 3200K or 5600K with a CRI of 96+. The fixture has flicker-free dimming without color shift.

ZYLIGHT will introduce the Newz, a compact on-camera light designed for broadcast news and other run-and-gun shooting applications. The variable white light includes brightness settings from tungsten to daylight, while a unique articulated arm design allows shooters to easily adjust the height and angle of the light.

Much of the news in batteries at this NAB Show is in battery chargers. The manufacturers keep finding ways to build more and more intelligence into their chargers to automate charging and optimize it for longer life of the batteries themselves.

Anton/Bauer LP Performance Charger SeriesANTON/BAUER will showcase its LP Performance Charger Series. Designed for tight spaces, the LP Performance Chargers complement Anton/Bauer’s Digital and Logic battery series, and feature innovative, efficient algorithms for multi-chemistry, simultaneous charging.

BLOCKBATTERY will present the 600 Series BlockBatteries, which incorporate a built-in charger. These new blocks will be available in S, D & T versions. BlockBattery will also introduce the 600-INV, a portable AC power system that provides 120 V AC pure sine wave power from four 2F1 batteries with a combined capacity of 480-600 Wh. The company’s 2F1 batteries provide one battery with two different voltage circuits, a nominal output at either 28.8V or 14.4V.

Frezzi FLC-4

PAG PL16 chargerFREZZI will debut its FLC-4 advanced four-channel fast charger for all Frezzi Li-Ion batteries. It features an intelligent backlit LCD display that shows the charging status of each channel, instantaneous voltage, charge current, and the capacity that has been delivered to each battery.

IDX will showcase the E-HL10DS (96Wh) battery, its newest High Load Li-Ion V-Mount battery. It can handle 10A/120W draws and weighs only 1.76 pounds. The E-HL10DS comes equipped with one builtin D-Tap connector to power ancillary accessories. The new internal design of the battery pack cradles each cell securely to maximize the safety of the battery.

PAG will bring to the NAB Show its PL16 charger, which charges up to 16 PAGlink Gold Mount batteries simultaneously from just two charging positions. This is made possible because PAGlink intelligent Li-Ion batteries can be charged when linked, and control the process themselves. Eight fully-discharged 94Wh PAGlink batteries can be fully-charged in less than 12 hours.