MultiDyne Provides a Link to Opening Ceremonies

CP Communications, a wireless equipment provider, has chosen MultiDyne Video and Fiber Optic Systems to supply its HD-1500 Fiber Optic Link and Lightbox field fiber transport systems at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games.

The HD-1500 was incorporated into booth kits assembled for the client’s French, English, combined French/English mix and red carpet announce booth kits of equipment to be used during the Games’ opening ceremonies.

“Reliable products are important for any project, but the Olympics and the live broadcast of the opening ceremonies absolutely steps up that need a notch,” says Kurt Heitmann, senior vice president of sales for CP Communications. “We have never had a failure with a MultiDyne product, and that gives us the confidence to recommend the HD-1500 to our customers, who are very comfortable using a high-quality solution like MultiDyne’s HD-1500 at this year’s opening ceremonies.”

In addition to the HD-1500 links, CP Communications is also providing clients at the Olympics with custom Lightbox field fiber transport systems that will be used to transport audio and data bi-directionally as well as provide two-wire to four-wire communications for the camera operator.