MTV Networks Benelux relies on Miranda for branding graphics, monitoring

MTV Networks Benelux has installed Miranda Technologies multichannel, branding graphics and monitoring systems at the new MediaWharf facility in Amsterdam.

Four Imagestore master control switching and channel branding systems are used for inserting graphics into MTV Europe's main feeds from London before they are broadcast to MTV Netherlands, MTV Belgium and the region's Nickelodeon channels.

A total of 10 channels are monitored using Miranda's Kaleido-K2 multi-image processor and an iControl signal and facility monitoring system. Alarms detected by the Kaleido processor from the regional MTV Network channels are fed to the iControl system, including signal loss, freeze, black and silence detection. Streaming video with audio level meters and closed-captioning text from control probes across the system is fully integrated into the Kaleido-K2's monitoring layout.

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