Morris Television Networks to phase out SNG for cellular

Dejero's cellular ENG products are broadening newsgathering capabilities at Morris Networks’ WCBI, WWAY, WDEF, WTVQ and WMGT. The group’s stations include affiliates of CBS, NBC, ABC, CW, Fox and My Network. Morris is implementing the Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 transmitter and Mobile App to provide enhanced live news and event coverage in each of its markets.

The Dejero platform integrates seamlessly into the Morris network broadcast workflow and gives stations the ability to go live to air from many devices, including an iPhone. Implementing Dejero’s platform also provides Morris with significant cost savings over traditional transmission methods, and, as a result, Morris has elected to phase out satellite transmissions across its many markets.

Dejero’s LIVE+ 20/20 transmitter enables broadcasters to transmit high-quality live HD or SD video with very low latency through multiple bonded LTE/4G/3G/Wifi connections, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of satellite or microwave trucks. Easy to operate and with a start-up time of less than 30 seconds, this next-generation wireless live video transmission device packs incredible broadcast performance into a small, weather-resistant, ruggedized briefcase. Dejero’s LIVE+ Mobile App can transmit live video using both the front and back cameras of the iPhone or iPad during a single broadcast, enabling a reporter to create a complete breaking news story without the need for a camera operator or extra equipment.