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More People Have HDTVs Than HD Service

FORT WASHINGTON, PENN.: About 46 million U.S. households have an HDTV, while only about 34 million receive high-definition TV service, according to research from Centris. Adoption of large-screen TVs is also growing, but the consumption of TV service add-ons is tracking flat, the company said.

Centris tracked 100 communications and entertainment technology subjects on a daily basis for its semi-annual household technology survey from last July through December. The company said it conducted around 1,000 interviews a week for the research.

The results indicated that 55 percent of households reported having a TV 32 inches or larger, up 15 percent grew, add-on services like pay-per-view usage was flat at around 12.6 million households participating each month. The average paid for cable service during the period was $71, up just $5 from one year before the most recent survey. On average, nearly 40 million households subscribed to digital cable.

Internet usage grew 9 percent, comprising 64 percent of all U.S. households. Nearly 35 million, or 46 percent, of active Internet-using households bought something online, up 18 percent from the year-earlier period. Among the households using the Internet, 80 percent had broadband, up 17 percent. Internet service averaged $36.74, up around 10 percent over the period.