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Moody’s Raises Outlook on Broadcast TV

NEW YORK: Moody’s outlook on the U.S. broadcast TV sector is now positive. The investment ratings service raised its position on the industry today on the improving advertising environment. Moody’s now expects industry revenues to grow in the mid-teen percentages this year, and then remain flat into next year. The recovery of auto sector revenues is a factor as well as improving credit conditions and revenues expected from political races this year.

Revenue increases are expected to fully percolate to bottom lines because of the rigorous cost-cutting that took place across the industry over the last 18 or so months.

The outlook was raised to positive from stable, where it landed last October after a stretch at negative. Moody’s also warned of the likelihood of a downgrade back to stable next year in the absence of political revenues and an expected leveling off of the auto industry rebound.