MOD Systems rolls out digital media appliances for retailers

MOD Systems introduced new digital media merchandising and fulfillment hardware appliances for retailers at the 2007 International CES in Las Vegas. The offerings, which include the MOD Point-Of-Decision (POD) Device and MOD Store Server Appliance, are designed to provide retailers with solutions for entertainment merchandising and fulfillment.

Mark Phillips, CEO of MOD Systems, says the appliances reduce the cost of deploying a sampling system by about two-thirds, allowing retailers to create an engaging in-store experience, provide better access to information and deliver a vast amount of entertainment content to consumers.

The HD-compatible Store Server Appliance and POD are part of MOD’s integrated platform for retailers. The merchandising and sampling system scales to include content fulfillment via optical disk (CD and DVD) or directly to music and video players and devices.

The MOD Store Server Appliance provides HD, full-motion video output. The Store Server Appliance controls digital signage, overhead music and video for support of merchandising and promotional initiatives throughout the store. Features include:

  • DVD drive for video displays;
  • Network connection that drives up to 50 MOD PODs, one overhead display and five zones of background music;
  • Disk space storage up to 1TB;
  • Delivery of entertainment content direct to a device.

The MOD POD is a self-enclosed, 10.5in flat-panel device with features that include:

  • 10.4in LCD touch screen with an intuitive user interface and 800 x 640 resolution;
  • Card swipe and bar code scanner for secure point-of-purchase customer transactions;
  • Camera for real-time customer communications;
  • USB and Ethernet ports for downloading digital entertainment to media devices and media-capable mobile phones;
  • Headphone jack for sampling audio files.

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