Mobile TV Group Rolls With Ferrofish Audio for Sports Broadcasts

ENGLEWOOD, COLO.—Ferrofish’s A32 and A32 Dante units have gotten the call up to be a part of Mobile TV Group’s mobile units used for broadcasting regional and national games from the NBA, NHL, MLB and college football. MTVG has implemented the Ferrofish units into three of its production trucks: 39 Flex, 42 Flex and 42 VMU.

The 39 Flex unit includes Ferrofish’s fiber booth kit, which employs two A32s that receive audio from the announcer’s booth and sends it back out to the truck via a single fiber. The Ferrofish A32 is also in the 42 VMU unit, which is capable of handling dual-feed production; the A32 is used to move audio via MADI between the main truck and 42 VMU during dual-feed production.

MTVG also cited its need for interface redundancy as its reason for selecting Ferrofish, per the press release. The A32 Dante unit is able to run Dante and MADI at the same time, enabling for automatic change in case of failure. Front-panel control was also a factor, according to Peter Wehner, MTVG’s director of engineering.