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Mobile Television Group installs Apantac multiviewers for HD sports production

The Mobile Television Group has installed 29 Tahoma LE-8 HD and three Tahoma LE-4 HD Multiviewers from Apantac onboard its reconditioned mobile production truck, 25 HDX. The truck is designed to produce stand-alone and dual-feed shows in both SD and HD in 720p and 1080i. The 53ft expando 25 HDX truck has been recently used to produce NBA, MLB and NHL events for FOX Sports and other networks.

The Apantac Tahoma-LE Multiviewers are being used to help produce live SD/HD sports telecasts across the country. The multiviewers provide the production crews with a multi-image display solution to visually monitor incoming signals as well as seamlessly integrate with the vast array of production equipment onboard the 25 HDX. Up to 94 video sources including cameras, VTRs, slow-motion equipment, graphics and external feeds are monitored using Tahoma-LEs.

Each Tahoma-LE Multiviewer handles four to 32 SD, HD-SDI or composite inputs, and the production crew can configure each display using Apantac’s configuration layout software. This helps the Mobile Television Group to transition easily between different events where the monitoring requirements differ.

The Tahoma-LE series incorporates a built-in Cat X extender, which allows the output of the multiviewer to be extended up to 115ft. Tahoma-LE supports DVI, HDMI and VGA outputs up to 2048 x 1080 (including 1080p) and includes built-in video and audio alarm detection. The Tahoma-LE series also provides users with dynamic UMD and tally capability for a wide variety of routing, master control and production switchers.