MLB Network Calls Up DDN MEDIAScaler for Archive Help

SANTA CLARA, CALIF.—America’s pastime is official back for a new season, and MLB Network recently announced that it has deployed DataDirect Networks’ MEDIAScaler GS7K storage system to manage its reported 40 petabytes of archive footage storage.

MLB Network’s DIAMOND System is its asset management system for its tape-based archive system. With the new addition of DDN’s MEDIAScaler, combined with an archive middleware, to help accelerate and streamlin the network’s ability to manage and access the digital content housed in the archive.

MEDIAScaler is a file-based storage system for rich media workflows. The system provides concurrent access to content for global users while accelerating transcode, reducing hardware footprint and integrating with the Cloud. It provided end-to-end digital content management and data protection in a single unit, and enables media organizations to cache files on a high-performance platform.

“The four 40 Gigabit ports on each GS7K controller enables faster access to content, while allowing more content to stream more tape drives simultaneously, allowing us to scale to meet our growing needs,” said Tab Butler, senior director of post-production and media management at MLB Network.