Miranda’s Kaleido-X installed at D.C. office of Cable TV and Telecom

Four Miranda Kaleido-X multi-image processors/routers are being installed in an HDTV upgrade at the Washington, D.C., Office of Cable Television and Telecommunications (OCTT).

The OCTT is a government agency that operates under the Washington, D.C., mayor’s office. In addition to regulating cable TV in the district, the office provides feeds of D.C. government proceedings and events on three cable channels.

The Kaleido-X processors will provide the entire facility with multi-image display monitoring that includes 224 video inputs and 32 display outputs. Mason Media Group, an East Coast production company assisting the OCTT with the upgrade, will market the facilities to commercial clients throughout the country.

As a multi-image processor, Miranda said Kaleido-X offered the highest level of signal flexibility and was designed for the most critical live monitoring applications. Each chassis can display 96 HD, SD or analog inputs any number of times, in any size, across eight displays of any resolution and orientation, without blocking or grouping restrictions.

All the multi-image outputs can be grouped to create large, integrated monitoring systems. Alternatively, each output can be controlled independently for multiroom environments, using one or more remote control panels. The processor provides a multi-image output without compression and with on-screen graphics.

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