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MIRA Mobile Television rolls out new HD truck with Calrec Sigma console

MIRA Mobile Television in Wilsonville, OR, has deployed a 64-fader Calrec Sigma console in its M9HD production truck, which hit the road in June to cover sports and entertainment.

MIRA Mobile built its new 53ft trailer with a 51ft expanding side as a sister truck to its M7HD, which also carries a Calrec Sigma. Sigma makes it possible to route audio signals anywhere they're needed within the console and also to control a full 5.1 source on a single fader. MIRA built its new truck in response to increasing demand for HD production with Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

The Calrec Sigma audio desk includes the company's Bluefin high density signal processing, which packs the necessary processing power onto a single card to save space and electricity. The Sigma also offers 320 channel-processing paths that can be configured for as many as 52 full surround channels and 19.6 minutes of audio delay.