Milwaukee suburb delivers civic programs with ViewCast encoder

In the Wisconsin city of West Allis, a Niagara streaming media encoder is playing a role in expanding the audience for public, educational and government access (PEG) television programming.

ViewCast’s Niagara encoder has enabled the city to port its government access programs to AT&T’s U-verse residential IPTV service, recently launched in the greater Milwaukee area.

A city of 60,000 in Milwaukee County, West Allis offers government access programming to its citizens. The Niagara system encodes the video for transport over a T1 network to the U-verse system, which began serving the West Allis viewing area in February.

All Niagara encoders have AT&T’s U-verse PEG streaming specifications programmed as a menu item, and ViewCast is one of only four providers noted in U-verse’s PEG encoder information collateral.

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