Middle Tennessee State University uses Compix CGs for hands-on learning environment

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), near Nashville, has purchased a Compix CynerG2 CG and two ConverG1 systems for use within the electronic media communications department, part of MTSU’s College of Mass Communications. The university uses the two-channel CynerG2 CG in a TV studio that supports production for university courses and for the student cable channel. The two single-channel ConverG1 systems have been installed in the mobile production truck used by student crews to cover university sports and for special events including concerts and political debates.

Compix's CynerG2 system unites two CGs in one system, leveraging the pair in sync to create a combined look that is far superior to their individual effects. Using Compix GenCG and NewsScroll software, students working in the studio at MTSU can run a series of template-based pages to output live, up-to-the-minute news crawls, a real-time clock and two user-defined logos. Ideal for creating the sophisticated graphic overlays that two channels can deliver, the CynerG2 features multiple rolls, crawls, more than 250 transitional effects and a user-definable clock/timer.

Additionally, the university is enrolled in the Compix SchoolSmart program, allowing faculty and staff to install offline GenCG software on classroom computers and student machines, which enables students to create sophisticated graphic projects on school computers in class, or on their personal laptops, at their own pace. Once their projects are complete, using a simple flash drive, they can bring their work to the Compix systems installed in both the studio and in the production truck. Students can make last-minute graphic changes before or during production, and then operate the Compix CG and play their work to air.

The Compix systems at MTSU give students hands-on experience that complements their classroom learning experience and prepares them for work in the professional communications world. Every time the MTSU mobile truck rolls, it is staffed almost entirely by a student crew. Because there are two ConverG1 HD systems in the unit, one student operator can focus on providing stats, while the other works on graphical elements. This system configuration gives the truck greater flexibility and enables better accuracy in the fast-paced live sports environment.

All Compix CGs feature GenCG, the main graphics creation, layout and playback software, with more than 1000 TrueType fonts and hundreds of bundled backgrounds, elements and templates. GenCG makes graphic creation fast and easy with Compix style catalogs, including often-used graphic elements such as prebuilt lower-third and over-the-shoulder graphic treatments, animations, fonts and complete templates to help the student operators get the proper preset looks to air quickly.