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Midco Sports Network upgrades SD mobile production to HD

Midco Sports Network, which provides live coverage of local sporting events throughout North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota, is upgrading an existing SD production truck with HD technology from Grass Valley.

The upgrade will include seven LDX Première software-upgradable cameras, a Karrera video production center switcher, a K2 Dyno replay system and a Concerto Series 128 x 128 compact routing system. The system enables the Sioux Falls, SD, based company to bring HD to its clients and viewers, while providing a software-only path to 3G in the future.

Midco Sports Network’s programming originates from multiple systems operator Midcontinent Communications, which serves 300,000 customers in 335 communities throughout North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

The LDX Première software upgradable cameras are central to the system being rolled out by Midco Sports Network. The cameras deliver 1080i/720p switchable performance and full compatibility with Grass Valley’s line of 3G transmission systems. K2 Dyno, with its touchscreen interface lets production staff cue replays and create highlight packages quickly and easily.