Mediaproxy Provides Playout Help to Crown Media Family Networks

(Image credit: Mediaproxy)

MELBOURNE, Australia—Mediaproxy was the choice of Crown Media Family Networks as it sought to provide compliance monitoring for its main television services, which include the Hallmark Channel and some of its offshoots. The channels are utilizing Mediaproxy’s LogServer logging and monitoring system so they can conform to standards for program content and broadcast quality.

The LogServer technology has been added to Crown Media’s setup at the Globecast Americas Media Centre in Los Angeles. LogServer provides recording and monitoring of Transport Streams over IP channels for both compliance and quality assurance. It works as an As-Run integration basis, with SCTE-35 detection and monitoring and archiving to the AWS S3 cloud platform.

“We have been working very closely with Crown Media Family Networks and were aware of their priority to protect their reputation for family-friendly programming that meets the highest technological standards,” said Erik Otto, chief executive for Mediaproxy.

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