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Media 100 software helps post ‘MonsterQuest’

The Electric Picture Company and Whitewolf Entertainment are using Media 100’s technology for “MonsterQuest,” a history documentary television series.

“MonsterQuest” uses high-tech equipment to take a scientific look at legendary creatures around the world. The producers use 13 Media 100 Producer systems and one online Media 100 HD Suite system for all aspects of the post-production process.

Due to the high ratio of tape shot to finished program length, all A and B and sometimes C camera footage is acquired as low-resolution SD clips, using the Media 100 codec as well as DV and DVCPRO50. Forty hours of footage are typically generated for each 46-minute show.

The entire media set for each episode is saved to its own FireWire drive; the drive is mirrored twice, and one drive is sent to the episode producer, and the other drive is sent to the writer assigned to the episode. A rough story cut is assembled by the episode producer who sends the cut to one of three formatting editors.