MCTV broadcasts newscasts with Inscriber

MCTV is using Inscriber's VMP Studio and AutoCG MAX character generators to create and deliver on-air graphics for its nightly newscast.

MCTV, a CTV affiliate, uses two Inscriber VMP Studio systems and two AutoCG MAX systems to create and broadcast their newscasts. VMP Studio is used to create and play the full screen boards, animations, supers and over-the-shoulder graphics used in MCTV's newscasts. Templates created with VMP Studio are used during pre-broadcast preparations.

The AutoCG MAX systems are used in conjunction with the station's news automation service provider, NewStar. Changes that occur with the NewStar system are instantly updated within the AutoCG MAX interface. New graphics are created in real-time. AutoCG MAX will automatically broadcast new content and graphics, while operators work on other tasks.

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