Marshall Electronics develops field monitor with HDMI loop through

Marshall Electronics has developed a new 7in, camera-mounted field monitor with integrated HDMI loop-through capability for DSLRs and video camcorders. This feature, a first for portable camera-top monitors, helps reduce the number of signal splitters and power sources needed to monitor video as it’s being captured.

With HDMI loop through, camera operators can now send the HDMI video input from a Marshall V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT monitor to a second monitor, allowing a second person to view what is being shot.

The new V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT monitor offers composite and component inputs, HDMI pass through, DSLR ratio adjustment, adjustable backlight and markers, HDMI auto color space and ratio detect, and manual gamma adjustment.

Other features include a choice of screen formats and markers, four user-configurable front-panel buttons, RGB check field/field detect, RGB gain and bias control. It also comes with false color and peaking filters as well as a DSLR ratio adjustment feature for Canon DSLR users.

The monitor’s battery can be configured in nine different ways for flexibility in the field and when using different cameras. All battery configurations can be swapped out by the end user.