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Marquis to release new file transfer capabilities for Medway

When broadcasters get together to discuss equipment purchasing, one topic always comes up: interoperability. One frequently mentioned topic is the ability to freely move projects between Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer. Marquis Broadcast is one company that has focused on providing software “glue” to enable file transfer between incompatible products.

This NAB, Marquis will be showing the latest release of Medway, its media transfer and format conversion tool. The company will demonstrate that edited sequences can be moved between Media Composer and Final Cut Pro in a simple drag-and-drop operation. As well as translating the EDL, the Medway application moves all the media and performs any necessary file conversions. This new feature follows the recent release of Medway integration of FCP sequences with Avid ISIS and Interplay.

Marquis will also be demonstrating solutions to media transfers between popular NLEs and storage systems. One recent integration supports file transfer between Avid and Quantum’s StorNext storage manager in the MXF-OP1A standard.

The second integration is with Bycast’s StorageGRID storage virtualization software for large-scale archives. Medway will capture digital content from cameras in all popular formats, including P2, XDCAM and DVCPRO HD, to the file repository. Upon completion of the edit, distribution masters stored in StorageGRID will be transcoded into multiple distribution formats and distributed to a third site. In addition, archive masters will be created in MXF, allowing viewing and partial file restore from multiple sites directly from the StorageGRID repository.