Marquis’ Medway links Avid Interplay and Final Cut Pro

Marquis Broadcast, a specialist in broadcast workflow studies and media integration tools, has announced that its Medway media highway software now supports file transfers between the Avid Interplay production asset management system and Apple’s Final Cut Pro editing systems.

Making use of the Avid Interplay Web services APIs, this development will give content producers and broadcasters the ability to build faster and more flexible workflows between their preferred post-production and broadcasting applications, without constraints or delays that may otherwise occur when file transfers are required between different software and hardware platforms.

The Medway software allows Avid Interplay customers to drag and drop clips into an outbox. These clips are transferred to Final Cut Pro with file formats being converted on the fly, and dropped into the appropriate Final Cut Pro project. When editing is complete, finished sequences are exported directly from Final Cut Pro into a corresponding inbox folder in Interplay. Medway allows metadata attached to the media to be processed throughout the workflow without creating interim files.

The integration also supports HD workflows, including HD transcoding and enhanced native support for a range of HD formats. This simplifies the movement from SD to HD processes.

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