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Madrid-based service provider adds DVS-SAN to augment DI workflow

Madrid-based Telson Servicios Audiovisuales Service has turned to DVS to reorganize its IT infrastructure. With the introduction of the DVS-SAN, Telson is realizing increased reliability, higher data rates and greater overall performance.

Telson has implemented SpycerBox as a fast buffer store and nearline storage solution for all data. Telson also is leveraging SpycerBox as a NAS (network-attached storage) solution for different projects throughout the workflow.

At the core of Telson’s new DI workflow is the DVS-SAN, enabling the TV service provider to store and manage content reliably. As a result, several workstations have parallel access to large amounts of content. The DVS-SAN acts as a central storage system, delivering four online streams in real time.

RAID 5 technology provides protection for Telson’s sensitive data. Telson’s movie projects can now be managed and processed with no concern for loss of relevant data.