Lumens Digital Optics Joins AIMS Alliance

(Image credit: Lumens Digital Optics)

HSINCHU, Taiwan—Lumens Digital Optics has joined the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS Alliance) and will focus on the development of the IPMX format, the company said today.  

“The industry is moving to IP at a bewildering speed. While the benefits of cost-savings, speed of installation and remote management are clear for all to see, there is a danger that this rush to IP adoption will spawn multiple incompatible production and distribution formats,” said Lumens CTO Gary Zheng. “We at Lumens want to help shape the future of IP standards to be open, interoperable and easy to use. We are therefore delighted to be part of the AIMS family.”

AIMS has invited Lumens to join its IPMX working group to contribute to the format’s development. The IPMX open standard protocol is built on the collaborative effort of various manufacturers and developers. It will support resolutions beyond 8K, deliver sub-frame latency and provide broadcast quality video over 1-gigabit connections.

“We are thrilled that Lumens has joined the open standards effort,” said Andrew Starks, AIMS Board Member and Marketing Work Group chair. “Lumens clearly shares our passion to keep the transport technology that supports every aspect of our industry open to everyone.” 

“Like every member of AIMS, Lumens believes that developing standardized and efficient IP protocols is the best way to grow the pro AV industry and to serve the market," he continued. "That's why we're thrilled to count them as a member.”

Steve Liang, vice president of product development at Lumens noted that until now different IP formats have been used by broadcasters and the AV industry. “IPMX is being developed as a single protocol that will meet the needs of everyone from unified communications and digital signage, to live event production and broadcast television. Lumens is very excited to be part of the IPMX development program at AIMS,” he said.

More information on the Lumens Digital Optics and the AIMS Alliance is available online.

Phil Kurz

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