LSI Logic Releases New Dimension-3 DVD Recorder Processor

LSI Logic has released a new DVD recorder system processor.

The Dimenion-3 is an optical servo/DSP with integrated AFE (L3200)--a type of NTSC/PAL video decoders. The processor works with the Domino 8603 or DMN-8603 and the L3200 supports DVD=RW/-RW, +R/-R and CDE-RW/-R and double-layer read/write.

Features of the DMN-8603 include DVD-Audio playback, HD-JPEG display, DivX and MPEG-4 encoding capability, simultaneous interlaced and progressive analog video output and leverages a unified memory architecture (UMA).

Jim Fox, marketing director for the Milpitas, Calif.-based company said that the Dimension-3 eliminates four key components and three memory devices and reduces component count for high-end products that perform SD-to-HD upconversion and DVD-audio.