London post facility relies on Eyeheight legalEyesMDi legalizer

UK post-production house Suite has chosen an Eyeheight legalEyesMDi multidefinition legalizer with an integral safe-area (cage) generator for installation at its London facility.

The dual-role unit enables both functions to be performed with a 1RU chassis mounted beneath an existing Eyeheight SD legalizer/safe-area generator.

Eyeheight's legalEyesMDi accepts 1080i and 720p HD as well as 625i PAL and 525i NTSC SD formats. It automatically senses and adapts to the incoming signal format. Suitable for freestanding or rack-mounted use, legalEyes has a compact half-rack unit footprint and 1RU height.

The product lets TV producers and video editors keep the level of their content within the strict tolerances required for HD and SD transmission and DVD mastering. Levels can be monitored continuously, and manually or automatically corrected.

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