LiveU to be On Hand at 2016 Rio Olympics

HACKENSACK, N.J.—With the nations of the world set to arrive in Rio de Janeiro this August for the 2016 Summer Olympics, LiveU has announced that it will be on hand to provide IP-based live video technology for broadcasters and online streaming customers.

During the games, LiveU says it will deploy its full portfolio of uplink systems, including backpack and camera-mount IP-bonding devices. Among these will be the LU500, LU200, LU-Smart mobile app, Xtender external antenna and LiveU’s cloud-based MultiPoint distribution service.

LiveU also intends to offer multiple Wi-Fi hotspots and an integrated KA-Band satellite system that includes a VSAT terminal, VSAT antenna with universal mount, Wi-Fi router, and cables and connectors.

LiveU say that its support team and its local partner UCAN Digital Transmission will be on hand to offer 24-hour support.