Live Earth Uses Rhozet’s Carbon Coder For VOD

Rhozet Corporation’s Carbon Coder video transcoding solution was used by LA-based production company Incited Media for the video-on-demand presentation of the Live Earth concert series, held last week in Hamburg, Johannesburg, London, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo.

"Rhozet makes it possible for us to deliver the multiple format support and fast turnaround for on-demand viewing that live events on this scale require," said Ben Rolling, co-founder of Incited Video. "VOD production that used to take a few days is now accomplished in a few hours with Rhozet's Carbon technology."

Concert footage was sent to a Carbon Server, which was in control of a network of Carbon Coder transcoding nodes. This “farm” allowed Incited to create multiple on-demand files as fast as possible. The files were quickly encoded into high-quality Flash and Windows Media streams made available on the Live Earth website.

Incited Media was able to make the performances of more than 100 artists available on-demand immediately.

"We're proud to have played even a small part in such an important worldwide event," said David Trescot, CEO of Rhozet.

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