Litepanels intros high-output LED fixtures

Litepanels (www.litepanels/) has announced its H2 Hi-Output LED lights —new fixtures capable of throwing illumination over a 20ft to 25ft distance.

The new H2 Hi-Output is 5600° K color balanced — utilizing an array of 72 1W daylight LEDs that are focused to a 10-degree angle. H2 fixtures provide wide-spectrum daylight color balance illumination.

The 100W H2 fixtures provide light equivalent to a 1000W legacy lighting fixture, utilizing 10 percent of the energy. And because H2 lights generate no noticeable heat, the need for air conditioning is reduced.

The new H2 fixtures provide the same dimming capabilities as other Litepanels fixtures as well as dimming from 100 percent to zero with no noticeable color change. Dimming is provided via a knob located on the fixture itself, or from a DMX dimmer board.

H2 fixtures have an integrated yoke and gimbal system for hanging in the grid or positioning on a light stand.