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Link Research features LinkXPu transmitter at IBC2008

Link Research showed its latest onboard camera transmitter, the new LinkXPu, at IBC2008 in Amsterdam.

The LinkXPu, which was used at the Le Mans 24-hour race in June, is designed for vehicle onboard applications and is Link’s smallest transmitter to date. It incorporates Link’s LMS-T COFDM-based modulation system, which enhances the coverage from moving cameras.

The XPu is used either with an external amplifier attached to the unit or with an active car-mount antenna.

The LinkXPu has one SDI input, two RF outputs at 1.95GHz–2.7 GHz and can multiplex in an additional ASI stream. It has a keypad for easy selection of profiles.

At Le Mans, the XPu transmitters were fitted into seven cars to transmit live feeds from small cameras mounted inside the cockpit of each car.

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