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Linear Acoustic set to redefine Loudness Control at IBC2011

Is it possible to control loudness without affecting original content? At IBC2011, Linear Acoustic will switch the primary DTV loudness issue from compliance to audio quality with a groundbreaking technology that changes everything. Also, the award-winning file-based workflow system Linear Acoustic unveiled last year is now perfected and will be fully demonstrated. Many signature products have received enhanced designs and exclusive upgrades, and new streamlined products have been added to Linear Acoustic AERO and LQ families.

The AERO.calm Coded Audio/Loudness Manager controls loudness and dynamic range without affecting original content. A hybrid of multiband audio analysis and metadata control, the system passes audio through untouched if compliant or, if necessary, processes the audio in a consumer-reversible manner.

AERO.file brings proven audio technologies to the file-based domain where they can be even more effective. Advanced RadiantGrid transmuxing and transwrapping enables the audio essence to be extracted from a host of popular file wrappers. The audio is then measured, scaled, processed and rewrapped without disturbing other video or data. AERO.file now adds Dolby E encode/decode and ITU-R BS.1770-2 loudness measurement.

The AERO.air continues to solve the newly regulated "commercial loudness problem" and now offers more features in a sleek, smaller and lighter 2RU chassis, and many optional upgrades on last year's model are now standard features.

AERO.lite is the new slimmed-down, stereo-only version of the popular, designed specifically to give local and regional broadcasters the advantage of Linear Acoustic loudness control technology in a low-priced unit.

The LQ-1000 loudness quality meter provides comprehensive l metering of 5.1- surround and/or stereo AES or SDI audio per industry-standard ITU-R BS.1770-2, a crucial requirement for mixing and transmitting in compliance with international standards. New to the LQ-1000 is the addition of Dolby Dialogue Intelligence for accurate and simple loudness estimation.

UPMAX offers a stable and trusted algorithm in a cost- and space-efficient package, perfect for remote OB trucks. Upmixing can be controlled via the front panel, GPI inputs, or metadata. It also accepts 5.1 channels and produces a two-channel LoRo or LtRt output.v