Linear Acoustic Presents Educational Seminars

Linear Acoustic was recently involved in a series of seminars aimed at providing information for broadcasters transitioning from SD to HD.

The first of these by the Lancaster, Pa. based firm was held in London for representatives of the BBC, BskyB, Ascent Media Services and others. Other presentations were made to broadcasters in Atlanta and Montreal. Subjects included HDTV audio and video fundamentals, as well as the distribution, conversion and editing of HD video.

Linear Acoustic president Tim Carroll is scheduled to address January SBE meetings in both San Francisco and Sacramento, Calif. The planned topic is controlling and maintaining consistent audio levels during multichannel HDTV transmissions.

"The AC-3 system makes a basic assumption that audio dynamic range and program loudness are separable and can be controlled independently. This is a dramatic departure from the actions of legacy broadcast dynamic range processors installed at so many broadcast stations and networks," Carroll said. He added that with regard to controlling dynamic range, it all boils down to the single question of whether it is all working.

Carroll plans to explore some real-world audio broadcasting scenarios as part of his presentation.