Ligos to launch PC-based MPEG ATSC/DVB MediaRig encoder software

The MediaRig Encoder is a PC-based MPEG-2 ATSC/DVB Encoder software application developed specifically for the professional broadcast market.

Offering more flexibility, better video quality and faster speed than traditional hardware encoders, the MediaRig Encoder offers a real-time alternative for broadcasters in fixed and mobile applications.

When paired with a PCI ingest card, the MediaRig Encoder software offers an analog and digital NTSC/PAL format solution suitable for acquisition, contribution, transmission and distribution.

Key features include:

  • transforms a single PC into a low latency MPEG-2 ATSC/DVB encoder;
  • single- or dual-stream configurations available;
  • static PSIP and PSI/SI control tables;
  • NTSC and PAL modes;
  • MP@ML and 4:2:2P@ML;
  • MPEG Level II audio with optional Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2-channel encoding;
  • VBI Closed Captioning (EIA 608 Line 21);
  • output of MPEG-2 TS to DVB-ASI, to file, or UDP multicast via IP;
  • input via PCI ingest card supporting SDI and analog composite NTSC/PAL formats;
  • remote management and control of encoder;
  • powerful, intuitive user interface with tools for the creation and management of encoding profiles;
  • constant and variable bit rate, 1.0 Mbit/s to 50 Mbit/s;
  • built-in scaling functionality for popular broadcast application formats;
  • logo/bug Insertion.

See Ligos at IBC2003 in Stand 1.511 or visit:

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