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Lenses for Digital SLRs Reviewed for Professional Video Capture

NEW YORK: The use of digital SLR cameras is on the rise in TV and professional video production. The season finale of the Fox hit series “House,” which aired May 17, marked the first prime-time network drama shot entirely on digital SLR cameras. A commercial for the Olympus PEN E-PL1 shows that it’s being shot with the very same camera. (See “HD Video-shooting Still Cameras Infiltrate TV Production.”)

Digital SLRs are valued in TV production for their small size and shallow depth of field. Their “rapid ascent in virtually every production mode has spawned products ranging from camera rigs to matteboxes to audio solutions,” writes Ned Soltz. “Critical, though, to effective production use of the DSLR is selecting the proper lens for the given scenario. Those options range from manufacturer’s optics to high-end precise glass.”

Soltz talkes a look the glass for TV Technology in “Choosing the Right DSLR Lens for Video”