Leitch and Videotek introduce new integrated product lineup

Leitch and Videotek's VTM-310G serial digital on-screen monitor

Leitch Technology, in tandem with the recently acquired Videotek, showed a full range of Integrated Content Environment products at IBC2004.

The companies introduced the NEXIO HD server and NEO upconverter, along with new Videotek serial digital test and measurement instruments.

The NEXIO HD serve represents a software-based codec for distributing and managing HD video clips. Based on a new, 64-bit dual processor platform, the technology allows the integration of baseband HD record and playback capabilities directly into the NEXIO server system.

Leitch also showed its first modular HD upconverter in NEO, the company’s modular signal processing product family.

Leitch’s Videotek lineup of new products included the debut of the VTM-310G serial digital on-screen monitor, the latest addition to its suite of test and measurement devices. Also on display was the SQM-275 serial digital macroblock detection module for Videotek’s Signal Quality Manager product line.

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