LEIGHTRONIX Introduces TCD/V3 Automation System Controller

LEIGHTRONIX has introduced the TCD/V3, a powerful station automation and video server controller for local and remote control of multi-channel playback, automated recording, and facility signal routing.

The TCD/V3 focuses on multi-channel, server-driven systems. The advanced server interface and control capabilities of the TCD/V3 allow users to effortlessly manage up to 16 channels of digital video playback and thousands of digital media resources stored on the connected servers. The TCD/V3 interfaces with the LEIGHTRONIX TCD/NX as well as third party servers, including the Image Servers from 360 Systems.

Also designed for versatility, the TCD/V3 controls a wide variety of resources, including DVD players/recorders and VCRs. LEIGHTRONIX PLUS-BUS, PRO-BUS, and DVply device control schemes are standard on the TCD/V3. The optional PRO-BUS and PLUS-BUS interfaces respectively provide basic and full function control for a wide range of DVD and videotape resources. DVply random disc access (title: chapter) is also available for select DVD players.

Equipped with an integrated, high-speed Ethernet port, the TCD/V3 is accessible via a TCP/IP network. The WinLGX network management software accompanying the TCD/V3 provides a comprehensive and easy user interface for scheduling, immediate system control, user account management, system configuration, and site management.

The WinLGX resource library easily handles mixed media formats, including digital video files (MPEG), DVD programs, videotape titles, and JPEG video slides (TCD/NX video server only). User-configurable folders ease the task of arranging and organizing media for quick reference.

Scheduling is fast and easy as the drag and drop interface allows library resources to be set up for playback on any of the system output channels. Comprehensive error checking and conflict reporting of both playback resources and channel activity assists users with the development of error-free broadcast schedules.

Facility routing is also managed by the TCD/V3, with both manual and automated switching capabilities. The TCD/V3 interfaces with a wide range of popular video/audio routing switchers with full matrix control and input/output status. WinLGX software allows input and output labeling for easy identification of input resources and output channels. Matrixes up to 250 inputs by 250 outputs are supported.

The TCD/V3 is a cost-effective solution for unattended operation and management of local broadcast, cable television channels, and in-house video communication networks. Network-based management, a comprehensive user interface and support for playback of both digital and analog resources on multiple channel systems make the TCD/V3 one of the best values in playback automation.

The TCD/V3 is protected by a five-year factory warranty and is tested and approved for product safety (UL 60065) and FCC compliance (Class A, part 15).