Leader SDI line checker now shipping in Europe

The Leader LT292 digital line checker, previewed in prototype form last year at IBC, is now in European production. The device allows transmission errors in HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals to be detected, analyzed and logged.

The LT292 is targeted for checking the performance of cable connections between individual items of equipment, between control rooms and rack bays and along studio-to-transmitter links.

Leader said that all major HD production and transmission video formats were supported, including three variants of 1080i, six variants of 1080p, five variants of 1080PsF and two variants of 720p. In SD, the instrument is fully compatible with 625i/50 and 525i/59.94.

The LT292 incorporates separate HD-SDI and SD-SDI inputs and incoming signal format being automatically detected and reclocked to the output. A 40-character (2x20) LED display is used for readout of operational data including signal format and instrument settings. Detectable errors include video freeze, color bar continuity, black level, AES/EBU embedded audio mute continuity and digital audio tone continuity.

Error data can be output via Ethernet to Leader's FS3019 online analysis software. Performance logs can be recorded within the LT292, stored on plug-in Compact Flash memory or exported via Ethernet. Remote control is via a D-sub connector on the rear panel.

Leader Electronics' European exclusive distributor is elQuip.

For more information, visit http://www.elquip.com/.