Lawo founds new R&D facility in Switzerland

On Sept. 1, digital console manufacturer Lawo established a new company, LES Switzerland GmbH, located in Zurich. Lawo Engineering Services will provide engineering and advance development services for both new and existing Lawo products, focusing on the pro audio market.

Heading all Lawo Research and Development activities will be Stefan Ledergerber, an industry veteran with advanced degrees in electrical engineering as well as management, technology and economics. Ledergerber’s industry experience includes work as a hardware development engineer, product manager and R&D director at Studer.

The development team at LES Switzerland includes a range of hardware and software engineers with specific experience and past success in the pro audio field. With Lawo’s traditional focus on market-oriented product development targeted to the broadcast and live sound domains, this latest investment in a unified engineering approach promises continued innovation in product design.

Newly hired Director of Research and Development, Stefan Ledergerber, states, “With innovative and high-quality products and solutions, Lawo has proved for decades that this company enjoys an excellent reputation amongst the mixing console manufacturers and deservedly so. I am looking forward to working with the exciting and experienced colleagues of Lawo.”