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Laird Telemedia debuts Inertia at NAB2006

The LTM-6000D offers timecode insertion and a new operating menu system.

At NAB2006, Laird will introduce the latest edition to its line of media converters, the LTM-6000D. It is based on the company’s existing LTM-6000C converter, but adds timecode insertion and a new operating menu system. The LTM-6000D features signal conversion of all formats, including SDI, DV, component, S-video, composite, AES/EBU digital audio, and balanced analog audio with simultaneous outputs. Control is provided via a Web-style menu system that includes an intuitive operator interface.

Laird’s timecode insertion feature eliminates the problems of working with timecode in DV. External SMPTE LTC and VITC can now be serialized and deserialized with the LTM-6000D, providing a post production feature that upgrades DV to broadcast-style timecode stripping. Separate BNC inputs and outputs are provided for LTC and VITC timecodes.

The LTM-6000D also features RS-422 control of compatible equipment over FireWire, and RS-232 remote and proc-amp control for full remote control of all the features of the LTM-6000D.

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