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K-Tek offers new mounting accessories for HDV camcorders

K-Tek, the LA-based maker of audio and video accessories, has introduced a new line of mounting accessories for compact HDV camcorders.

K-Tek said there are now a multitude of accessories such as microphones, onboard lights and portable LCD monitors that rely on the camera’s shoe for power and a mounting point. Often, shooters are faced with the problem of how to get all this gear to fit around the tiny shoe. The company solved the problem with its new K-series mounting accessories.

The K-Tek Shoe Bridge (K-BRG) provides users with a 6.5in shoe bridge that sits 4in over the camera for mounting multiple accessories. The Shoe Step Adapter (K-SSA) repositions the camera shoe 2in above the camera. The Offset Shoe Extender (K-OSE) repositions the camera shoe 2.6in vertically and 2.25in in front or behind the camera.

The company also offers the Universal Camera Clamp Adapter Kit (K-CA), which converts an existing camera microphone clamp to a standard 3/8in by 16 thread. The K-CA is a simple and cost-effective way to mount accessories like a shock-mount or microphone suspension system to a DV camcorder.