Kramer Electronics introduces HDMI D/A

The new distribution amplifier supports signals from tuners, set-top boxes, DVD players and other sources.

Kramer Electronics, a supplier of signal management products, has announced the availability of its VM-2HDMI 1:2 distribution amplifier for HDMI signals, which include the ability to store and recall EDID information.

The VM-2HDMI is a compact one input, two output distribution amplifier for HDMI signals from tuners, set-top boxes, DVD players and other HDMI-equipped sources. The unit supports up to 1.65Gb/s bandwidth, ensuring compatibility with all HDTV standards, including 1080p/60 signals. It enables the connection of one HDMI source to two HDMI-equipped display devices.

The VM-2HDMI features a default EDID setting, enabling users to turn on the distribution amplifier and source device without first connecting and powering on any of the displays. The VM-2HDMI can also store and recall an EDID setting from either connected display device.

The VM-2HDMI is housed in a Kramer DigiTOOLS enclosure and is fed from an external 100-240 VAC universal switching power supply.

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