Kentucky Stations Develop DTV Special

Broadcasters in Lexington, Ky., will put a different spin on the traditional holiday special this year. On Tuesday, Dec. 2., at 7:30 p.m., instead of holiday cheer, they’ll be spreading the word about the DTV transition.

WLEX-TV, WKYT-TV, WTVQ-TV, WDKY-TV, and WUPX-TV will simultaneously air “DTV: Are You Ready?” a 30-minute program that provides information about the end of the DTV transition next February.

Tim Gilbert, president and general manager of WLEX and president of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association, said planning for the special began less than two months ago -- and each station contributed to the program’s content. He said the special is an extraordinary example of cooperation among the local stations.

“If you are an over the air viewer,” he said, “for that half an hour this is the only thing on television.”

It’s a critical time for the broadcast industry, Gilbert noted, so Lexington stations are making sure viewers are aware of and are ready for the DTV transition. A two-minute soft test has been built into the program as well. -- Mark J. Pescatore