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JVC Kenwood Confirms Safety of Employees and Immediate Families

YOKOHAMA-SHI, KANAGAWA, JAPAN: The Japan-based employees of the JVC Kenwood Group and their immediate families are safe, according to the company’s top executive. Haruo Kawahara, chairman, president and CEO of JVC Kenwood Holdings released a statement on Wednesday confirming the status of the staff.

“The safety of the employees of our group and their families has been confirmed,” he wrote. “We are continuing to confirm the safety of their parents and relatives whom they are still unable to contact.”

Some of the group’s domestic offices suffered minor damage, but all had been repaired by Sunday March 13, Kawahara said. Operations resumed on Monday.

“We are currently coping with the projected rolling blackouts and transportation situation,” he said.

A response headquarters was established immediately after the earthquake to confirm the safety of employees and their families, and to assess the damage to the company’s facilities. JVC Kenwood also donated 200 land-mobile radios and 100 unlicensed transceivers to the rescue effort.

“While our group already resumed operations as mentioned above, the effect of the earthquake and tsunami on the business results of JVC Kenwood Group is currently under review.” Kawahara said. “If we expect there to be a significant effect on our business results, we will make an announcement to that effect in a timely manner.”