Jutel develops hierarchical IP audio management

Jutel has introduced HIPman, an IP audio management solution that simplifies the control of broadcasters’ IP contribution and distribution devices and networks.

IP audio codecs are ordinary devices in audio transmission technology for broadcasters today. They provide significant value and are gradually replacing ISDN codecs. But IP audio codecs should not just be a replacement to ISDN codecs. The real flexibility and cost savings arise from the centralized control of an entire cloud of IP codecs.

IP streaming technology combined with the Digigram Visiblu technology and wide range of N/ACIP-compatible devices results in versatile solutions, where the distribution and contribution networks can be dynamically configured.

The HIPman provides a high level control and management layer to IP audio network devices with specified access rights to organizations, groups and individuals. It simplifies the control of broadcasters’ IP contribution and distribution codecs and networks providing great flexibility and significant operational cost savings.

Several organizations can independently utilize their own resources within a larger IP audio network, making the HIPman solution ideal for large broadcasters as well as to audio distribution service providers. For example, while the service provider has overall view to the whole network, administrators see only their own devices and network, and users only those devices and connections they are allowed to use.

Many distribution and transmission operators have started to use IP-based MPLS networks as their distribution backbone, which provide robust QoS networks suitable for mission-critical purposes, like IP audio-based program distribution networks.