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Jünger Audio Introduces Upmix Function for Level Magic

Jünger Audio has started shipping the new Upmix software to its Level Magic-based 5.1 solution for controlling loudness in production and broadcast.

Peter Pörs, the company’s managing director, says: “At the moment the software runs on a separate DSP card but in future it will be available as a simple plug-in that can easily be installed alongside Level Magic into existing C8000 systems.”

The company’s C8000 Level Magic system incorporates a suite of DSP and interface cards that enable it to integrate workflow for managing surround sound and Dolby coded 5.1 audio signals in production, ingest and playout. These include HD/SDI De-embedding/Embedding with VANC, Dolby E resynchronization with built-in video delay and Dolby Metadata generation. The introduction of Upmix functionality makes it possible for broadcasters to resolve the interrupted “surround-sound feeling” while reproducing mono and stereo sources and also maintaining Upmix loudness consistency compliant with Dialnorm and ITU specifications.

Pörs adds: “There are other products on the market that can sort out the upmix of stereo signals, but ours is the only solution that also delivers a dedicated scenario for mono sources as well as loudness consistency. We achieve this by linking Upmix to our Level Magic adaptive level control algorithm.”

The Upmix function takes a mono or stereo signal and filters the ambient information as well as the spectral composition to create a proper 5.1 upmix. The solution comes with a Surround Checker auto format detector, enabling the Level Magic suite to identify the channel format of the signal and initiate adequate upmix or 5.1 processing.