ISIS Introduces HD, SDI and ASI 2x2 Protection Switcher

The ISIS Group, Inc. expands critical path protection with the introduction of the HD-212, a 2x2 HD/SDI/ASI protection changeover switch. The unit is ideal for use in network, transmitter inputs, or satellite and cable head end operations.

Robert Stillwaugh, ISIS Group VP and Technical Director, explains where the HD-212 is most useful. “We designed this unit at the request of a major satellite company. Whenever there is a redundant signal, the HD-212 provides near-instantaneous switchover to a live signal if there is an interruption in the primary input. The 2x2 auto-senses HD, SDI, or ASI signals. This design is especially flexible, letting an operation start with the minimum configuration and grow the system with field upgrades as requirements change.”

The HD-212 is the latest in the ISIS line of changeover protection switchers, joining the ARTS analog and DRTS digital switchers. The HD-212 detects signal presence on both its ‘A’ and ‘B’ inputs, and transfers to the offline input upon failure of the primary feed. For added protection, it provides relay bypass protection of the ‘A’ input to the main online output in case of power failure or processor board removal. The return-to-‘A’ function provides for automatic return to the primary input signal upon its restoration.

The 1RU rack enclosure can house up to two processor boards and two power supplies. The optional Ethernet core processor is easily loaded onto the main processor board. The basic frame offers connections for remote monitoring and control via a 9-pin ‘D’ connector.

The HD-212 makes its NAB2007 debut in booth SU3313.