Ireland’s Nemeton TV improves graphic look with Brainstorm Aston 7 CG

Nemeton Television, an independent television production company based in Waterford, Ireland, has purchased an Aston 7 real-time 3-D character generator from Brainstorm, based in Madrid, Spain.

The Aston 7 is a 3-D broadcast graphics presentation platform aimed at live TV programming such as news, sports, and business and shopping channels. It contains provisions for 3-D animated text and graphics, on-screen video clips, built-in support for live content feeds and connectivity to external automation systems. Storm Broadcast supplied the Brainstorm Aston 7 software and hardware, and installed, configured and loaded Nemeton’s project material. The company subsequently tested all aspects of the system prior to shipping.

Arriving about a week before going live, the Aston 7 system was used to transmit graphics to cover the Rugby World Championships taking place in New Zealand. It is now being used for deferred coverage of the Heineken Cup rugby highlights; the recent international rules series between Ireland and Australia; and live coverage of the RaboDirect Pro 12 rugby competition.