In Touch Ministries Acquires Autoscript Teleprompters

ATLANTA - Autoscript announced the deployment of their LED19TFT teleprompters for use by In Touch Ministries.

The non-profit ministry, led by Atlanta’s First Baptist Church senior pastor Dr. Charles Stanley, has used the teleprompters to assist in the production of their weekly television series In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley.

The LED19TFT features 1,000 nits of brightness, instant warm-up to full brightness, higher contrast levels and an overall picture quality while reportedly using less power than existing thin-film transistor LED systems. An Eco +Plus+ feature saves power when no active video is present, a preset Low Consumption Modes feature for use with camera utility power-outlets, built-in dimmable tally light with Opto Sensor input and repeat output, illuminated control panel for easy visibility in dark studio conditions and optional HD-SDI input.

“Autoscript has made life much easier for Dr. Stanley when he is reading viewer emails or making announcements,” said Gary Longenecker, production manager for In Touch Ministries, in a press release. “Surrounded by blinding studio lights and often positioned 12 to 15-feet away from the unit to help maximize our studio space, the brightness and size of the LED19TFT monitors make this achievable, enabling him to film informational segments with comfort and ease.”

Longenecker has described the teleprompter system as ruggid, ergonomic and very easy to assemble and disassemble.

Autoscript is part of the Vitec Group.