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Imagine Communications Builds IP Foundation for Tv2000

Imagine Communications Tv2000
(Image credit: Imagine Communications)

MUNICH—Italian broadcaster Tv2000, which delivers Roman Catholic themed programming, is beginning to make the transition to IP. To do so, it is getting support from Imagine Communications’ infrastructure platforms.

In a project led by Sony and systems integrator Allyn, Tv2000 is transitioning to IP in an effort to improve operational flexibility, including the current heightened need for remote production due to the pandemic, and to assist with the eventual move to UHD and UHD HDR production.

Tv2000 went with Imagine Communications for its move to IP as it was able to propose an architecture that could embrace both SDI and IP connectivity, as Tv2000 has SDI legacy equipment still in use.

Imagine Communications supplied Tv2000 with the Selenio Network Processor to serve as a gateway between SDI and IP environments, offering four independent, powerful video processing engine paths in a 1RU form factor and supporting up to 32 1080p (or eight UHD) signals concurrently.

The Magellan SDN Orchestrator software control system from Imagine was also part of the transition, which provides orchestration of the complete system, whether the underlying system uses SDI or IP. 

Tv2000 built and installed its new IP core during the pandemic, under COVID-19 precautions, and officially launched at the end of October.

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