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IDX Announces New Lithium Ion Batteries

IDX System Technology has added two new high-load lithium ion batteries to its range of products, the E-HL9 and E-HL9S. The units were designed to address the increasingly greater demands placed on camera batteries in connection with high-definition field production.

The batteries provide nearly 50 percent greater capacity than previous IDX battery offerings, and can handle discharge rates of up to 10 A. In addition, the batteries are engineered for an extended life cycle of nearly 10 percent.

"Today's emerging camera technology and new ways of shooting requires more dynamic solutions for handling sustained battery power," said Tony Iwamoto, IDX USA executive vice president. "The latest hard drives and removable card technology make it possible for cinematographers and directors to say 'shooting long' is good. ‘Long’ is in. Our new E-HL9 batteries are the perfect answer to power this shift in production work."

The E-HL-9 features IDX’s PowerLink, which allows two of the units to be connected together to deliver a total of 176 Wh. The battery also has a five-LED power status display.

The E-HL9S is a single-unit power source and is equipped with a three-LED power indicator.

Both comply with DOT/IATA air transport regulations, making it possible to carry spare lithium ion batteries as carry-on items.