IBC Highlights Sports Video Technology

Manolo Romero

Dave Mazza
Saturday, Sept. 11 is sports day at IBC during which the convention will focus on four conferences that look at the past, present and future of sports television technology.

The day will start at 9:30 with a keynote from Manolo Romero, managing director of Olympic Broadcast Services, who will show clips of great Olympic moments. Following his presentation Roger Mosey, who is in charge of the BBC’s plans for the 2012 games in London will talk about the innovations he is planning for interactive, multi-platform coverage. Dave Mazza, senior vice president of engineering, NBC Universal, and the engineering point person for the network’s Olympics coverage, will also participate.

Following the Olympics presentations, Peter Angell, director of production and programming for Host Broadcast Services (HBS) for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and the man responsible for all World Cup coverage, will discuss his experiences in shooting and delivering stereo 3D, and a follow-up panel discussion will look at the commercial prospects for 3D sports.

Peter Angell

Studio 43 Production Control Room at NASCAR’s new Charlotte, N.C. headquarters There will also be an IPTV session on online viewing, which has the potential to revolutionize the way sports fans consume content, allowing them to personalize their own feeds, blending action with behind the scenes access, background content and rich statistical data. What are the opportunities for rights owners, sports federations, and teams and clubs? IBC is the place to investigate, debate and decide.

The final session is another action-packed case study, showing how the latest technology can greatly enhance the viewing experience. The U.S. NASCAR automotive series has invested heavily in new ways to help the viewers, from highlighting the leading car to adding virtual dashboards to show the viewer the same parameters that the driver is seeing.